Dear & Valued Companion

We thank you for making this important decision on your milestone​ life's journey to continue your careers path with us. We would like to share some information with you as it is our wish that the long journey we will be embarking on together will be both enjoyable and successful.

We, the Özyer family, will be taking you, our valued fellow companions, to the very heart of our lives, business to forge a productive relationship.

We realise our profession requires dedication and patience. We are all human and we can make mistakes. However, we want you to know that whatever mistake you make, which also includes the hotel guests, we will not permit anyone to offend you or to insult you.

Again, we want you to know that your family, the people you value the most, and loved ones are as important to us as you are. For this reason, even at work, your family and loved ones will always in any event come first.

In every event, we will be tolerant and ready to lend assistance to you.

We kindly request, that you do not withhold from acknowledging or smiling at your work colleagues or hotels guests. If you should come into contact with a problem, be a part of the solution and not the problem.

The very essence of being happy and happiness is for you to engage in and absorb our missions, our visions, our values and our management philosophy. Therefore, it is extremely important to for us that you take steps in this respect and where necessary, to seek your rights.

We, the Özyer family, place great importance on privacy, honesty and sincerity.

The Liberty Family

Sundia Philosophy

We recognise our employees, observe, develop their capabilities and value their ideas.

All Liberty employees of have the following rights listed below.

Liberty Leave

When our emplyees do not want to come into work, all they need to do tell their immediate line manager they are not coming into work without giving a reason. This is not deducted form your lawful leave.

Liberty frienship market

Any underprivileged employees can benefit from the '' LIBERTY FRIENDSHIP MARKET '' which was established with the contributions of our employees and hotel guests.

Opportunity to Work overseas

Our employees can work at our overseas partner hotels to gain international experience and discover new cultures during the off-season period.

Gold award

Our employees can win a Gold award for every professional you bring and becomes an asset to our brand

Work Whilst wearing Your Team´s shirt

Our employees can wear and work in their favourite football teams shirts the following day if their team had won an important derby match.

Internal events

Entertainment/parties are arranged for our employees during the season.

Lifetime Room Name

If our employees have children during the period they are employed at our hotel, the name of the child will be given to one of the hotel rooms which will stay there until infinity.

Holiday Opportunities

Each year, our employees can take a holiday within our complex with their families or loved ones

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